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Kimberly A. Noels

Kimberly A. Noels

My research interests focus on the social psychology of language and communication processes, particularly as they pertain to intercultural relations and communication. One facet of my research program concerns the relation between language behavior and ethnic identity, and how they are connected to acculturation stress. A second aspect is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to learn languages, and how others (e.g., teachers, family members, and members of the language community) encourage or discourage learners' motivation. A third line of inquiry addresses cross-cultural variations in intergenerational communication, and the implications of different communication styles for psychological well-being across the life span.

Primary Interests:

  • Communication, Language
  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Motivation, Goal Setting
  • Self and Identity

Research Group or Laboratory:

Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

  • Noels, K.A., & Giles, H. (2009). Social identity and language learning. In W. Ritchie & T. Bhatia (Eds.) The New Handbook of Second Language Acquisition. (pp. 647-670). Bingley, UK: Emerald.
  • Noels, K.A., Clément, R., & Gaudet, S. (2004). Language and the situated nature of ethnic identity. In Ng, S.H., Candlin, C.N., & Chiu C.Y. (Eds.). Language Matters: Culture, Identity and Communication. (pp.245-266) Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press.
  • Noels, K.A. (2001). New orientations in language learning motivation: Towards a model of intrinsic, extrinsic and integrative orientations. In Z. Dörnyei & R. Schmidt (Eds.) Motivation and second language acquisition (pp. 43-68). Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai’i Second Language Teaching and Curriculum Centre.
  • Noels, K.A. (2009). Identity and the internalization of language learning into the self-concept. In Z. Dörnyei & E. Ushioda (Eds.) Motivation, Language Identity and the L2 Self. (pp.295-313). Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters.
  • Noels, K.A. (in press). Culture and intergroup communication. To appear in M.B. Brewer and M. Yuki (Eds.) Culture and Group Processes (Series: Frontiers of Culture and Psychology, series editors M. Gelfand, Y.Y, Hong, & C.Y. Chiu). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • McEown Sugita, M., Noels, K.A., & Chaffee, K.E. (in press). The Interface between the Socio- Educational Model, Self-Determination Theory, and the L2 Motivational System Model To appear in K. Wein and M. Magid (Eds.) The Impact of Self Concept on Second Language Acquisition. Bristol, UK. Multilingual Matters

Courses Taught:

  • Advanced Social Psychology
  • Culture and Psychology
  • Culture and Social Behaviour
  • Experimental Social Psychology
  • Individual and Social Behaviour
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Intergroup Communication
  • Language and Communication Processes
  • Social Foundations of Behaviour
  • Social Psychology

Kimberly A. Noels
P220 Biological Science Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9

  • Work: (780) 492-4717
  • Mobile: 7809831291
  • Fax: (780) 492-1768

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